A typical coaching process

with us looks like this:

Getting to know each other
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The way we work

The conversations are face-to-face or online, via Skype or other internet facilities. They are confidential and remain so. Although the result is the focus of the coaching, the critical success factor is in our view the degree to which the encounters are appreciative and relaxed.

In this way our guests  find the confidence to really shift what they think is possible for them and to accomplish what they require. We propose to let this phenomenon and its effect be the measure of what we achieve together.

Because we believe it is important that our approach and who we are have a match with you and your goal, we offer you a free getting to know each other call. Contact us directly, or use the contact form below. (We call you!)

We offer a variety of coaching packages for you to choose from.

Preparation for a coaching process with us

In offering you our services, we first of all need to know a little more about you. We need to understand the five points below:

  1. Your goal
  2. Your purpose
  3. Your situation
  4. Your capacities
  5. Your experience

In our experience these five points determine to some extent what people think is feasible for them to achieve. However, we know that usually much more is possible than people assume. We focus our proposals on that possibility.

Yet our proposal should be based first of all on your needs and your understanding of your personal reality. That is why we designed a questionnaire to guide us both in ascertaining if our approach would be worthwhile for you.

Once you have taken up contact with us we start with an intake. This intake is focused on acquiring the right information to design a proper proposition.  It also gives you a first indication of a realistic outcome.


The questionnaire facilitates the preparation for a careful and thorough intake conversation.

Contrary to what is generally done we like to aim this first conversation at achieving a first objective. This invites us both to see if our offer is constructive and productive. And what is more: you are able to experience whether our coaching really adds what you are looking for to your life and career.

Process steps of the coaching

Once we have decided to go ahead together, we set the goal and determine the objectives that will lead you to accomplishing the goal.

The coaching sessions focus on exploring what you experience in certain social situations. These are the kind of situation that is illustrative for the issue you wish to resolve. Together we find the factors that need change.

These factors usually are related to self-management and people skills. This of course concerns the what of what you do. However, in our experience it is almost always the how or the process side of social interactions that is the critical success factor.

The way in which you act, respond, and interact is decisive for the outcome. The right way is a way that suits you, that works best for you and causes other people to feel favourable about you. To be able to do this is the goal of coaching in soft skills.

Most of our coaching is focused around the application of soft skills in a way that suits you and your goals. We believe that the right application of soft skills helps you to be more effective and happier in your career and life. That being said, the main aim of our coaching is always to assist you in accomplishing your goals.

Part of the coaching sessions is evaluation of your actions and finding the right form and manner of adaptation.

The function of the coach is also to offer the feedback the people you encounter normally think about you but don’t always share with you.

Feedback from your coach

This kind of feedback is a confrontation with the reality of other people. It’s often antagonistic with your self-image and self-esteem.

It is the duty of the coach to guide you through the process of acceptance that other people just simply think what they think. It doesn’t imply it is true.

You need to learn how to accept what they say, do or don’t do without getting stuck in feeling hurt and allow them to depress your self-esteem. It’s only information, after all.

In this process of accepting the reality of other people as a factor, the coach will teach you self-management skills. You will be able to use these effectively during the reality of the confrontation with what other people do or say.

The coach operates here as a guide. The coach also functions as someone who impersonates the factors that you find difficult to deal with. You receive the feedback, the right information and the right skills you need to make the proper adjustment.

You will find the confidence to respond and interact where perhaps you weren’t capable before. It will come naturally to you because what we teach and let you experience is part of your nature. All you need is to experience it and notice it works. This is our job. We know about it, we’ve been there ourselves.

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