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As an extra service we provide self-service audits for analysis and exploration, free e-books, free webinars, seminars, meet-ups, and weekly new blogs.

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Preparation questionnaires

Self-appraisal tools

Meaning – Using self-insight to take purposeful and effective action

Self-service soft skills audits

Planet Relation
How to get things done with soft skills

Self-service audits, analyses, and exploration

Our audits and analyses are usually applied in preparation or as an accompaniment to our coaching.

Some are self-service tools that you can use to gain more insight in your question, further define you goal, or help you to make decisions. We offer them to you for free.

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We do not use your mail address for any other purpose but to give you the results. We will not approach you with further offers from our side (unless, of course you specifically ask us to do so.)

Preparation questionnaires

The right preparation is one of the keys to the success of a coaching process. What is your question, how do you know you received the answer and are able to achieve your goal? The better you are prepared, the better the result will be.

To facilitate your preparation we designed several self-service diagnostic tools. They help you examine your questions or to specifically describe the problems you encounter. This will clarify your considerations, what you think is achievable or what you prefer to avoid.

You can use these tools in your own environment to clarify your coaching goal. This preparation enables you to give us the best possible briefing of your goal, your situation and what you think you need. It makes it possible for us to advice you from the very first meeting.

Ask us more about these preparation tools
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Self-appraisal tools

Our self-appraisal tools give you the opportunity of a closer diagnosis of your situation. They specifically explore how your career and life experiences influence how you give meaning to what happens.

How you give meaning has a decisive effect on the adequacy of your self-management, and on the people skills you feel confident to apply.

How you give meaning to a situation determines your focus. It determines what you see and consequently experience. This determines what it means to you. In its turn this regulates what you do, don’t do, resist, accept, learn, and much more. It also determines what you see as possible or impossible for yourself.

Another advantage of these tools is that they measure your position in respect to your goal. They estimate your capabilities and your current experience with them. The gap that needs to be bridged between where you are now and your goal becomes clear. This makes it possible to make a useful estimate of where you can easily use your potential.

A report and a coaching conversation makes it possible to assess how you can apply the insights you have gained from using these tools. This is a useful follow-up.

Tell us your goal or your question. We will supply you with the appropriate tool to establish your current position,and help you assess the best path from where you are now to achieving your goal.
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Meaning: using self-insight to take purposeful and effective action

One of our tools is a personality type analysis that specifically explores how you give meaning to your life and relations with others. It also explores what is meaningful to you. The system is called Meaning.

Its purpose is to assist you in overcoming unnecessary constraints in implementing your goals. The process lets you discover how you make full use of your capabilities in a way that suits you. Also, it helps you to set and achieve the goals that are important to you.

Meaning allows you to closely explore what is important to you in your life and work, and in your relations with other people. It gives you insight in how you give meaning to situations and your relations with other people, and how this influences your results. This insight gives you the possibility to adjust your actions in a suitable and easy way to obtain the results you want.

Meaning also clarifies what is meaningful to you, and how you can incorporate this into your personal and professional life. Although most people assume that what you find meaningful is based on what you do, it appears that it is actually more related to how you do things.

Once you understand what is meaningful specifically to you in the interaction with other people it is just a question of making this doable. To assist you with this we offer you our specialized coaching.

Meaning report and process

The Meaning report is personalised and designed to give answers that work for you. The report is always accompanied by a conversation to explain the implications of the report and how you could apply the insights in your life and work.

You can then choose to follow the Meaning process to implement these answers in relation to a specific goal.

Ask us to contact you about Meaning.
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Self-service soft skills audits

We also offer you self-service audits that explore the following Soft Skills topics:

Soft Skills List + 12 Essential Soft Skills Attitudes – together these enable you to analyse your soft skill needs.

The actual balance between result and relation when you have to make real-time choices

How you deal with difficult conversations

Your handling of conflicts

Dealing with difficult people

Decision making – what are your rules for decision and how do they serve you to take action effectively and achieve your goals

Feedback – How do you cope with feedback that you receive, how do you use feedback to improve, how do you give effective feedback to other people

Ask us which of these self-service audits is the right one for you.
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Free e-book

Planet Relation
How to get things done with soft skills
By Iris Dorreboom and Rudi de Graaf

Planet Relation is a book that shows you how getting things done is much more effective and also easier if you focus on relations as well as on results.

Part One of the book is written like an adventure story. The main character is called You. This leading character represents you as the reader. You must find a way to win the trust of the people that you are working with in order to achieve the results that you are expected to provide.

In Part Two, you are presented with a hands-on, step-by-step approach that will enable you to attain results with the use of relation-oriented soft skills.

Ask us how to get your free copy of this book.

The book is also available in paperback.
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Webinars, meet-ups and seminars

Webinars & Seminars

We organise seminars several times a year. The topic is always soft skills related and how to apply these to accomplish your goal or tackle a specific problem.

Regularly we organize webinars on the main topics of our soft skills coaching offer. These are:

Achieving goals with soft skills
Dealing with difficult people
Giving and receiving feedback
Handling conflicts effectively
Resilience and handling set-backs


We also organise meet-ups. These give you an opportunity to meet us. We usually have a short talk about a topic brought on by one of our clients, followed by a general conversation about this, or other topics that come up. The atmosphere of the meeting is relaxed and meant to be enjoyable to all, as well as provide valuable and practical tips.
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At the moment we have meet-ups in Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Lyon and Paris.

Our Blog

We publish new articles about soft skills and how to apply them on a weekly basis. We’ll keep you posted once a month on what’s new if you wish.
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