Online Coaching via Skype

Online coaching gave us the opportunity to work with clients all over the world. Skype coaching gives you the opportunity to take advantage of this international perspective while staying at work or at home.

Look for our coaching packages, and what a typical coaching process with us looks like.

We offer our 1-on-1 coaching via Skype, or other on-line methods. These are the advantages that our clients discovered:


Online coaching/ Skype coaching enables you to have a focused conversation at the moment and place that is most convenient for you. This could be at home, or at the office in the morning right before a specific task, or having an evaluation oriented conversation at the end of the day.

For some people who travel a lot and who want to meet a coach frequently, Skype coaching is the perfect solution.

Flexible and comfortable

The online form of coaching via Skype offers flexibility. It connects with your specific personal circumstances and needs. As an added bonus, you can listen to the conversation again by recording the session.

It is as effective as face-to-face coaching. Sometimes it is even more effective, because it gives you the added comfort and safety of your own environment.

Confidential and focused

Online coaching is confidential. Regarding privacy questions, Microsoft/Skype assure us that they encrypt the calls and do not screen them. They offer complete confidentiality.

All you need is internet access, and a computer. Skype coaching is a perfect medium to get to know each other without much ado.

Languages in which we coach

We coach in English, Dutch, French, and German.

Your opportunity

Skype coaching furnishes you with the opportunity to assess the quality, the result and our commitment of the coaching without taking time off. Contact us directly, or use the contact form below, with your question or the situation you would like to explore, and we will plan a first conversation. Of course, you can also reach us on Skype. These are our Skype handles:


Please leave a message when you ask to be connected.

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How to get started:

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