Face to face coaching

Advantages of face-to-face coaching

In many instances, face-to-face coaching offers substantial benefits to the coaching process and its result. Being in a room together simply creates a different atmosphere and momentum to the meeting.

We recommend face-to-face coaching especially where the coaching goal involves personal as well as professional issues (as it almost always does). Meeting in person is also useful when the subject of the coaching is one where we need a longer time together to achieve your goal.

We can advise you whether face-to-face coaching is beneficial to the accomplishment of your goal. In any case, most of our coaching processes involve a mixture of face-to-face meetings and online support. Contact us to ask us for our advice.

We have described a typical coaching process with us for you.

You can choose from a range of coaching packages.

Locations of our face-to-face coaching

We are located in Europe. Our face-to-face coaching mainly takes place in the following locations: Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Lyon and Paris. These are places where you can find us regularly.

We do also conduct face-to-face coaching and master classes at other locations, when the goal demands it, and when the time can be spent productively.

Intensive Face-to-face coaching 

Often our international and non-European clients choose to spend several consecutive days with us to focus on a goal that requires intensive and concentrated coaching.

The advantage of spending concentrated time on a particular personal or business goal is real-time attention and rapid progress towards accomplishing that goal.

Look for more information about this option in our coaching packages. You can also contact us directly with your question, or use the contact form below.

Timeframe for face-to-face coaching

A typical face-to-face coaching meeting takes between three to four hours. We have these meetings at locations that permit us to have a real conversation in a relaxed atmosphere with undisturbed regard and care for the client.

Your goal determines the rhythm of the meetings. Sometimes we meet several times in a short period of time. Often we plan our meetings over a longer period of time and remain in contact through Skype, phone or mail.

Face-to-face coaching in combination with online coaching

We do also offer online coaching via Skype or other channels, or by phone. (See our description of the advantages and benefits of online coaching.) The main objective of online coaching in combination with face-to-face meetings is to get to know each other, support the coaching process, and provide real-time support.

Languages in which we coach

We coach in English, Dutch, French, and German.

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