Coaching packages

First we would like to clarify it’s our intention to meet what you require to achieve the results you want.

There are several options you can choose from. If you have a different idea than what we present here, please let us know. We are flexible. Our aim is simply to have a good conversation with you that will lead to you getting a trusted answer to your question.

How to get started: Free getting to know each other call

First of all, it is important that you feel comfortable with us and with our offer. That is why we offer you a free getting to know each other call that we can conduct on the phone (we call you!) or via Skype or another online channel. Skip to the contact form here, and book your call with us.

Our coaching options

The main aim of our coaching is always to assist you in accomplishing your goals.

Our coaching packages vary from:
One conversation about one topic, to
Several conversations about a specific goal, to
A process of five months focused on accomplishing a major career and life goal.

We also offer you a selection of specialized coaching services, ranging from:
Coaching for an urgent decision or question you are facing, to
Last resort coaching, to
Long term reflection and support.

(Skip to the detailed descriptions of these options here.)

The way we work

Read more about the way we work and what a typical coaching process looks like.
To get to know our approach and us better, these are your options:
Read more about our coaching, our coaching process, and about us
Read our blog articles,
Visit one of our webinars or meet-ups
Book a free getting to know each other call (Skip to the contact form below and book your call with us)

We have also put down some considerations that are important in choosing the right coach for you that you can read about by following this link.

Coaching packages

Our suggestions to choose from

At the end of each short introduction, you can go directly to the more detailed description.

✔ No cost getting to know each other call + preparation questionnaire with feedback

We call you, or Skype. We think it’s important that there is a match between you, your goal and the coach. That’s why we offer you an introductory get together, and initial feedback on your question. We’re not going to elaborate on this – just fill in the contact form below, and we’ll call you to answer your questions.

✔  1 conversation coaching

One conversation to achieve a specific result, answer a business or personal question, make a decision. Helps you on your way, short-term results, long-term benefits. Learn more about this opportunity here.

✔ A series of coaching sessions about one specific goal

Step-by step goal-directed coaching, usually 3, 5 or 7 sessions. The result is that you achieve an important career or life goal, get effective and professional support in making a decision and acting it, initiate a personal or business change, or learn to apply a specific soft skill. Read more about what this can mean for you here.

✔ A process of five months focused on a major career and life goal (Something you really want, but do not think is possible for you)

Intensive support to help you achieve a goal you’ve always wanted, but deemed impossible to achieve. We know different! Read more about this exceptional process here.

✔ Specialised coaching for urgent questions, decisions, or one-time opportunities

One or two longer coaching sessions, to resolve an urgent situation or to gain clarity in decision-making about a (one-time) opportunity. Read more how this helps you here.

✔ Last resort coaching

When it’s now or never, we support you to resolve the issue. Read more when you need a solution now here.

✔ Reflection & support: Regular contact over a longer period of time

We offer you long-term support, functioning as a sounding board and sparring partner for your thoughts and decisions, outside the circle of your colleagues, family and acquaintances. Read more here about long-term support.

What’s included in our offer:

  • Our absolute support to help you achieve your goal
  • Preparation through our specially designed questionnaire.
  • Use of our self-appraisal and self-service tools if that serves your goal.
  • Priority e-mail support.

Book your free getting to know us call to learn more Just leave us a message.


Our coaching packages in depth

(Once more: these are options. We are flexible in our approach. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. Feel free to suggest what you think you need).

✔ One conversation

One conversation to achieve a specific result, answer a business or personal question, or make a decision. The conversation helps you on your way. You will quickly see short-term results, and experience long-term benefits.

In order to make the most of the one conversation option it is best to have a proper preparation. You could use our preparation questionnaire for this and share its outcome with us. Probably we’ll send you some additional queries, so that we have a concrete topic to explore.

If possible, we would like you to frame some sort of result for this conversation. This exchange when it is face-to-face takes about three hours, or when it is conducted via the internet takes about 1,5 hours.

The topics are always career and life related. Usually people are motivated by one of the blogs and the issue and its solution is part of the conversation. However, the topic can also be a problem you encountered or anything personal you would like to explore.

Apart from the result of the conversation, this is also a fine way to get to know us and assess our offer based on the interaction and the result.

Get started now:

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✔ A series of coaching sessions to achieve a specific goal

Choosing a series of coaching sessions makes it possible to:
✔ Achieve an important life or career goal
✔ Tackle an issue that you want to resolve
✔ Initiate a change in your behaviour and results
✔ Learn how to apply a specific soft skill, such as handling conflict, giving effective feedback, deal with difficult people, build self-confidence, show resilience.

Have a look at some of the questions our clients typically have when starting a series of coaching sessions.

The intended result is the organizing factor. This means we need to discover what your goal and its objectives are. Your goal determines what we look at and what you improve and learn. It also directs the aim of your actions.

Before we start, we give you an estimate of the time and money we think is necessary to achieve your goal.

We suggest setting up a budget (time, priority, money) that realistically supports your endeavour and enables you to receive the right assistance. We advice you about this based on our experience and give you an estimate of the amount, extent, and runtime the coaching process probably will take before we start together.

The budget we suggest is related to specified objectives. This gives you the certainty of control. It offers us both the opportunity of evaluation and facts on which to base adaptation. In this way we attain progress towards the goal that has been set. It will become clear if the budget was well spent and if the amount of sessions was the right one. It usually is, and if not, it will be clear during the process, together with its cause.

Most of the time 3 to 7 coaching sessions are enough to accomplish a career goal. Often a personal life goal takes a bit more time and especially: runtime.

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✔ A Process of five months focused on a major career and life goal 

(Something you really want, but do not think is possible for you.)

This is a variation on the option of a series of coaching sessions. The difference is the intensity of our support. You choose a major life or career goal that you really want, have wanted for some time, but that you think is not possible for you to achieve.

We’d like to take on that challenge with you. We are certain (experience based!) that much more is possible for you than you think now.

During the five months we explore intensively what you want and how you can achieve this without becoming bogged down with real or imagined constraints. We’ll show you what you are capable of when you know your goal and start from a realistic here and now.

As with the series of coaching conversations, preparation is required. We offer you a realistic appraisal of the amount of time and money that would be necessary to achieve your goal before we start together.

The process is usually a mix between face-to-face and online coaching, but for some of our international clients we do sometimes conduct the entire process online.

At the end of your five-month period, you have the opportunity to participate in a five-day retreat, usually held in Burgundy (France), which combines a relaxed get-together with putting the final touch on your project. Participants are usually 8-12. This gives people the occasion to strengthen their confidence, get feedback from other people and helps people to launch their projects successfully. (N.B. – this part is optional. Ask us for specifics).

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✔ Specialised coaching for urgent questions and one-time opportunities

These conversations are set up around a special occasion, purpose or opportunity. For most clients the reason to choose this approach is the urgency of the problem, or the fact that they are ready for change now. Others feel now the time is right for them to make use of a specific (or even a one-time) opportunity.

The function of the conversations is to thoroughly evaluate specific circumstances, find the cause, and enable you to adapt in order to convert it into a situation that suits you and your goal.

By and large these specialized coaching sessions take one or two longer conversations. In the case of one conversation this usually takes an entire day.

Before the first session we ask you to prepare. This preparation has as its aim to clarify the issue from different angles. The objective is to understand the matter beyond your personal perspective and assist you to notice the structure of the issue at hand. In this manner you will find a way through that is effortless and relates to both your purpose and your capabilities.

The issues that form the occasion for this specialized coaching differ in their personal meaning. What they have in common is the urgency and the fact that the issue has often been apparent in its consequences for a long time. Some of these themes are:
✔ A personal or professional change that you feel ready for now, but don’t know how to implement yet,
✔ Feedback you have received and want to work on,
✔ A conflict that needs to be solved,
✔ An important career decision,
✔ A work-related challenge, as e.g. overcoming barriers to accomplish an important project, starting a new project or a new position, or dealing with difficult colleagues, managers or clients.

Whatever your reason is, you will meet an interested, professional and non-judgmental attitude and a closely involved response. Together we will find what you need to change comfortably and seize the opportunity.

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✔ Last resort

Once in while circumstances confront people with just one, last chance or opportunity to come to a solution. It is now or never.
✔ A job has to be saved,
✔ An employee needs to be retained
✔ You need to retain a client,
✔ An employee should change,
✔ A work situation needs a solution now,
✔ You need a result in order to be able to continue.

Whatever the occasion, we design the proper intervention aimed at resolving the problem, remediate what was undesirable, and gain the benefits.

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✔ Reflection & support

Regular contact over a longer period of time

After the initial sessions our clients often opt to have regular contact with us over a longer period of time. In these conversations the coach functions as a sounding board and sparring partner.

Usually these arrangements entail one or two longer (face-to-face) meetings a year, with the occasional phone call or mail exchange when the client wants to ask the advice of the coach.

The coach helps to challenge the perception and experiences in a confidential manner. The coach facilitates to find true north and choose the proper destination.

Due to the long-term relationship, the client and the coach cooperate effectively in deciding what the right actions will be for the client. In this approach you accomplish the goal with the least possible effort.

Ask us about this option and what it could mean for you

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Coaching or therapy?

Once in a while the personal issue you want to tackle is related to a topic that could get better answers in therapy. Since we have a background in counselling as well, we are qualified to advice you there and help you to find the right therapist.

In this regard, coaching functions as a perfect preparation, because you are able to find the problem that is bothering you and articulate together with someone you trust what your question for the therapist is.

This reinforces self-confidence and self-control before entering therapy and always reduces the time spent and intensifies the quality of the outcome of the therapy.

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