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Coaching in soft skills to achieve your career and life goals


Soft skills are the hard factor for success

Based on our results we know that soft skills are the hard factor for success in career and life. That’s why we offer you coaching in soft skills.

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Why coaching soft skills?

Using soft skills, you will be able to achieve your goals with less effort. Soft skills help you to:

 grow and succeed personally and professionally,

 strengthen your (professional) relationships, and

 create the good life and career you are aiming for.

The result of coaching in the application of soft skills is the unconstrained achievement of your personal and career goals. In the process, it also builds up your performance, your wellbeing, and your ability to create the good career and life.

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Our coaching process

After we have decided to work together, our coaching process starts with the setting of your goal. Together, we clarify your goal and why it is important to you to achieve it. This preparation serves as the guideline to find the right path to your goal. As a result, the coaching is measurable, adaptable and suitable for you. Right from the start you’ll know you are on your way to make progress towards your goal.

Next we explore real time, through one-on-one conversations, what is required to achieve your goal. Of course we use a tailor-made approach. The approach is based on what several decades of experience has taught us what career and life issues require in the application of soft skills.

Through intensive dialogue and an experience oriented approach, you will learn to trust the positive effect of soft skills in achieving your goals.

We have described a typical coaching process for you. (Opens in another page).

Ways to get to know our approach and us better

We think it’s important that you feel comfortable with our approach and with us.
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The result of our coaching

The result of our approach is that you acquire experience with the application of the soft skills you need to achieve your goals. You learn to do this in a way that suits your purpose and your capabilities. This will enhance your ability, your confidence, and your competence in your life and work. You will achieve your goals with less effort and more satisfaction.

With the help of our seasoned coaching (since 1989) you will find that the application of soft skills is always the easiest, the most rewarding, and the most effective response to career and life’s circumstances. You will be able to create your own version of the good career and life.

Our support

Our support in the coaching process is personal and intensive. It is focused on enabling you to acquire the expertise in soft skills to self-direct your career and life. Our coaching is practical, sensible, and down-to-earth. We also have a clear eye for your inner balance and what the heart needs in confidence and connection.

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Soft Skills coaching topics

Just to give you an idea we have listed a (non-exhaustive) array of the topics our clients chose to work with.

In all these areas, we have extensive experience how to acquire and apply the soft skills that you need to answer the question and achieve the necessary result. Our coaching aims to support you in gaining experience in applying the soft skills you need to achieve your goals.

Here are some of the typical questions our clients seek practical answers for.

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As we said, these are just some examples. Feel invited to share your question with us and ask us if we can be of assistance to you.

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