How to become more visible at work

Of course you know that you are literally visible.

Therefore, when you experience the need to become more visible at work, something must be missing. What would that be?

How to become vsble

To become visible, you have to add what was missing. You need to add two i’s to vsble to create something that is immediately visible.

  • Add an i to visible, that is: the i of impact. Impact matters. It’s what makes you visible. Visible means that what may be seen, in other words that which you make conspicuous. The point is: what kind of impact do you want to make? What do you want to be seen? That’s where the second i comes in.
  • Add another i to visible, that is: the I of you. The only one that can make an impact happen is you. The only kind of impact worth making is an impact that is connected with who you are.

The two i’s are closely related. Adding the i of impact to visble without the I of you will leave you with the kind of visibility that is wrong for you. You will be visble, but everybody will immediately see there is still something wrong, something missing. That’s why the following rule applies when you want to become more visible:

Choose the impact you can have above the impact you can’t have

The critical success factor for becoming visible is to choose the impact you can have above the impact you can’t have. Research among our clients shows that you can trace at least 70% of the feeling of lack of social visibility back to trying to do something that is not your forte.

Some examples of doing this:

Why literally try to be heard when your voice isn’t loud enough?

(Find other ways to get noticed in a professional manner. One is movement. Movement automatically captures attention).

Why act like an extrovert way when you are introvert?

(There’s nothing wrong with acting extrovertly when the occasion requires this. But when you do it all the time, it will exhaust you. And you will still be less visible, because less authentic, than someone who is naturally extrovert. Introverts have other ways to shine and be visible.)

Why accept the proposition in a meeting that you had made earlier, which was ignored, but is now picked up at the suggestion of someone else – without mentioning this?

Don’t be an alien to yourself

Why would you adopt behavior that will never work, because it doesn’t originate in who you are? Every person is endowed not only with inalienable rights, but also with inbred assets and ways of being that belong to that person. Don’t be an alien to yourself. Make an impact, certainly, because impact matters. But make an impact that will leave an impression of who you are authentically.

Impact matters – so what impact do you want to make?

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‘Making an impact’ can be illustrated best by taking it literally for a moment. Interpret making an impact as if you are baking cookies or building a sand castle with your kids at the playground. Imagine you have this basic form of the dough or the sand. Next you push shape into it in order to create a form or accentuate something. If you do it right it will work out. It will be visible.

Right is what works for you. It won’t work at all, or even counterproductively, if you try to do something that you can’t really do easily or at least without straining yourself too much.

Like putting a form in dough or sand, it will only make a perfect impact when it is done gently. Doing it with force will ruin it. Gently and easily is the key here. Anything you can handle or manage easily is done in a way that will be worthy of attention. It will be visible to others.

If people happen to overlook what you want to be seen – there’s nothing wrong with calling their attention to it. Just make sure of these two things:

  1. Add the i of impact: determine what you want to be visible.
  2. Then add the I of you: make your impact in a way that suits you.

This is your choice in becoming more visible at work. Be who you are and learn to have an impact, or accept that others have an impact on who you are.
By  Iris Dorreboom and Rudi de Graaf

Do you want to know how you can make an impact and become more visible at work?

The ability to make an impact in a way that makes you visible in the right way is an essential soft skillCoaching helps you choose what impact you want to make and how to make it in a way that makes you visible in a manner that suits you.

Please feel free to ask us how we can help you to prepare for making an impact and becoming more visible.

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