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Iris Dorreboom and Rudi de Graaf.

Iris Dorreboom

Rudi de Graaf


  • Empathy, common sense and commitment characterize our coaching.
  • We support you in sustainable personal and professional growth through tailor-made, experience and result-oriented coaching.
  • Making you excellent in the process side of dealing with other people through the use of soft skills is our expertise.
  • We guarantee what we promise because we believe in it.

Our professional history

In 1989 we founded Beyond as a niche consulting and coaching firm. We focused on adding value to how people collaborate in organizations. As a result, we acquired in-depth know-how about what drives professionals and how to achieve personal and professional goals. That know-how can be summarized in one concept: Soft Skills.

More than three decades of experience with professionals taught us that soft skills are key to both success and well-being. The only thing you have as a professional apart from your expertise and knowledge is who you are and how you show this.

Soft skills are self-management skills applied in the interaction with other people. Professionals are always already excellent in the content of their work. Making you excellent in the process side of dealing with other people is our expertise. 

What we promise to accomplish together

We have over three decades of international experience in working with professionals, managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

These clients have in common that acquiring experience in the application of soft skills makes the positive difference in their work and life.

Soft skills, applied authentically and with self-confidence, make all the difference to achieving the good career and life. We offer the specific knowledge about what kind of soft skills you need and how to apply them with confidence.

Soft skills do not replace the need to be perfect in the content of your work. However, they do offer leverage to the quality of your work and life. They empower you and you know how to empower the relationship with the use of the right soft skills. This has a positive impact on what you achieve easily. It strengthens the faith the other person has in you, both personally and professionally.

Our purpose

We believe in the good career and life. What we mean by this is a career and life based on your purpose, and where actions are aimed at your life’s goal. All of this while remaining true to your communities and involved in the critical aspects concerning the future of our children.

Our focus

Our focus is on you, your career and life, and your desired future. We coach our clients to achieve the goals they set in a way that fits their personal style.

In engaging with people for several decades, we have learned that truly anything is possible when the right preconditions are met. We developed leading edge expertise on what these preconditions are. Our know-how serves to make our clients proficient in gaining momentum in real life and the day-to day practices of their work environment. We help you discover how you achieve results easily, while remaining true to your self.

Our invitation

We can quickly show you whether it is worthwhile to take a first step by meeting and focus on setting a goal. We offer you a free getting-to-know each other session in a first phone conversation about what you want and the situation.

Iris Dorreboom
+31 623 35 45 75
id (at) aboutsoftskills.eu
Skype: iris.dorreboom

Rudi de Graaf
+31 623 35 35 44
rg (at) aboutsoftskills.eu
Skype: rudi.de.graaf

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